About Us

Our Core Values

The course of our journey will always be marked by-

  • Customer Focus

    We emphasize strongly on researching and fully understanding our selected markets, its customers and their every nuance so that no compromise is made on quality and accessibility of products.

  • Integrity

    We, at TWV, understand that walking the talk requires consistency of character and a strong sense of self. An honest, reflective and progressive team, we believe in moving forward while keeping sincerity in our heart and the past learnings safely by our side.

  • Passion

    Simply put, in the words of Confucius, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Passion is an emotion inherent in every member of TWV. We channelize this passion, each day, not only to remain motivated, perseverant and efficient but also to achieve utmost excellence for all our stakeholders.

  • Collaboration

    Collective wisdom is the cornerstone of our work culture.

    We at TWV, encourage brainstorming and constructive discussions to provide innovative solutions through collaborative means. We believe that different perspectives and equal participation are invaluable to our core operations and beneficial to all our partners and the company as a whole.

  • Entrepreneurship

    We persistently endeavor to harvest new ideas while urging our people to take risks in creative pursuits for providing superior solutions.